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News 2006:

Posted on 20 Dec 2006 by topasar
On the 17th we drove to Brussels Belgium to pick up a puppy we have been trusted with, this is Framboise de Costalina. She is 6 months old and very promishing, co owned with Jan Roosens of de Costalina Papillons. Thank you Jan, we will do our best with her
Posted on 30 Nov 2006 by topasar
Now we went to Stuttgart Germany, Hekla needs a CACIB to finish her Int.CH. She did that with style, went BOB with CAC and CACIB. Hekla has added her fifth CH title to her name; International, France, Luxemburg, German VDH & Club CHAMPION Topasar Hawaiian Rose
Posted on 31 Oct 2006 by topasar
Orleans, France at the National D'elavage Topasar Hawaiian Rose got the CAC needed for French CH, she got Res.CACIB. Hekla is now France, German and Luxemburg CHAMPION
Posted on 30 Sep 2006 by topasar
At the CLEPNACO show in Belgium, Amicea Star Charm At Kingshaven got a CAC and was BOS. This was CLEPNACO's first CAC show and nice that Robert got the first CAC awarded smile
Posted on 31 Aug 2006 by topasar
On the 7. of this month it is one year since my "Hekla" Topasar Hawaiian Rose got her first CACIB and she has a chance to become a Int.CH with one more CACIB point after August 7. For the title Int.CH she needes 4 CACIB points in 1 year and 1 day.

So far Hekla has received 11 CACIB's and 3 Res.CACIB's from 5 countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Holland. Hekla has a total of 24 CAC and 6 Res.CAC from the same 5 countries since we started showing her in adult class in Okt. 2004. We are so pleased with our pretty girl
Posted on 31 Jul 2006 by topasar
At the Papillon Speciality in Weyerbush with judge Kitty Sjong (Dk)
Hekla was BOS and got her CAC, Robert won open class with a CAC but lost for a CH dog for BOB.
Next day it was a judge from HU and he placed both Hekla and Robert second where they got Res.CAC.

In Shifflang Lux, we took a diferent group, Hekla stayed home as she is already a Luxemburg CH and Robert got Res.CAC. We took our yearlings who are in Jr class. Topasar Kiss Me
kate is now a Luxemburg Jr.CH, our other two juniors got second place.
Posted on 30 Jun 2006 by topasar
Saarbrücken Germany, Hekla is BOS with CACIB and CAC, Robert got Res.CAC & Res.CACIB

In Hulton NL both Hekla and Robert got Res.CAC and Res.CACIB

In Chartres FR Hekla was BOS with CAC and CACIB and Robert Res.CAC and Res.CACIB.
Posted on 31 May 2006 by topasar
In Belfort France, Robert and Hekla did BOB & BOS on a CAC show. This
was Roberts first CAC in France and he topped it with BOG3
Posted on 10 Apr 2006 by topasar
On the 2. we drove to Colmar, France for a CACIB show. Our pretty girl
Hekla got the BOS & CACIB. We entered her in CH class not knowing she
Posted on 12 Mar 2006 by topasar
VK club had a 2 day show in Reclinghausen on the 3-4 this month. We showed 5 dogs there Hekla, Loki and Robert and two 7 month old pups.
Posted on 10 Feb 2006 by topasar
Fribourg in Switzerland on the 2-3. both CACIB shows. First day we did great, Hekla and Robert BOB and BOS and both got CAC and CACIB. On the second day with a diferent judge and diferent resault. Hekla got Res.CAC and that was all.
Posted on 16 Jan 2006 by topasar
Our fist show of the year was in Nürnberg on the 14. Again Hekla charmed the judges both days winning BOS with CAC and CACIB. This was Amicae Star Charm At Kingshaven first show and got CAC both days and a Res.CACIB on the International show.