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News 2003:

Posted on 30 Sep 2003 by topasar
On the 30th of this month Diva had two puppies, a tri male and a sable female. The male was very premature and did not make it, the female is doing well.

Around the middle of the month we took a trip up to Denmark, we visited the Gold Wings Kennel and the Toymaker's kennel and what a group of beautiful Papillons we saw. Many thanks to Pia for letting us stay with all our dogs :) and to Marianne and Lars for a fantastic lunch and a lovely afternoon enjoying their dogs.

The Papillon breed is truly amazing, we came there with 10 dogs from 6 months to 9 years and there was absolutly no conflict between them, it seems to be the more the merrier with Papillons

Posted on 30 Aug 2003 by topasar
On the 17th we went to a show in Ludwigshaven with "Emily" Toymakers Emily Rose , she Got her first CAC and CACIB. "Saga" Topasar Fairy Tale got her first Junior CAC.
The 2nd and 3rd of this month we went to a show in Naussen a beautiful small town in eastern Germany. Both Saga and Emily did fairly well on the show, both got placed Sunday but did not do as well Saturday. I did not do very well there :) the temperature went up to 35C on Saturday, too hot for an Icelander :O.. Getting used to it though. It has been up to 40C where we live.
We also had a breeding evaluation done on our dogs (different from showing) and now Bibi, Booie, Saga, Diva and Emily have all passed the test first time trying. The test involves PL checking, height measured, weight taken, detailed description of eyes, ears, teeth counted, snout, head, over all proportion, front legs and angulation, top line, firmness of back, tail set and it goes on and on, talking about Germans and details..... anyway this will be used when looking for and determining a good mate for breeding.

George showing Emily in Nausses.
Posted on 28 Jul 2003 by topasar
No shows this month, just trying to get used to the heat here.
Posted on 30 Jun 2003 by topasar
This month was really busy for us, we moved into the house we bought and all the things that were to be ready were not... The yard was ready for the dogs though, all 3000 square meters are fenced off and so are 100 sq. meters at the back of the house for early morning and late night "have to go out thing". The picture is from earlier this year when we were looking at the house.

On the 29th we drove to Belgium for the Clepnaco (Papillon) Speciality. Topasar Fairy tail "Saga" got 2nd place in her class with 4 dogs entered and Toymaker's Emily Rose got 2nd in open class with 9 dogs entered.
The show was held outside in a beautiful park in Aalst, close to Brussels. Total entry's were 51 beautiful Papillons and the judge was Jean Banfield from the UK.
Posted on 31 May 2003 by topasar
This month went all into watching puppies grow, and what a fun it is. Puppies have call names now, Scooter is Diva´s boy and Bibi's pups are Hekla, Loki and Kubbur, all look great at this time.
Posted on 04 Apr 2003 by topasar
On the second day of this month "Bibi" (Ch Topasar Butterfly Babe) had her puppies, 2 boys and a girl.

Posted on 31 Mar 2003 by topasar
At 00:45 on 27 March my "Diva" (Goldwings Unique'n Divine) had a single W/Sable male puppy with perfect markings.

Posted on 28 Feb 2003 by topasar
We have sold our house in Iceland and bought one here in south west Germany, a nice little villa for us and 3000 square meters for the dogs to play in.